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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Virtual Technician Module (VTM) enables authorized system administrators to manage and diagnose the host ft Server system from the local system or, more typically, from a client, or remote management, system. VTM functionality is integrated into the baseboard management controller (BMC).

The VTM console is the Web-Based interface used to monitor the host ft Server system and to manage and diagnose system problems. The VTM console runs in a Web browser on a remote management system, and it provides authenticated and secure access to the host ft Server system from any location.You can use the VTM regardless of the state of the host ft Server system because the VTM runs on standby power and has its own network connection, CPU, memory, and operating system.If you cannot use system tools to troubleshoot the host ft Server system because of network or system problems, you can log in to the VTM console to troubleshoot the problem and attempt to restore the system.

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